Latest Working Free Windows 7 Product Key For 32 and 64 Bits

Windows 7 Product Key

What is Importance of Windows 7 Product Key ?

Since Microsoft is a very big company and its Windows 7 Product Key is important. Microsoft launch windows 8 windows 7, and windows 10 is regarded as the most popular system. Since it is working system windows 7 is employed by companies, students, universities, offices and businesses.

For organizations users that are offices and, we suggest to please utilize version of windows 7 serial product or key and windows 7 to activate the copy of windows . This post is composed for students who need activation key or windows 7 product key to trigger any form of windows to profit from the superior features of windows .

List of Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key for 2017 (32 & 64 Bits)

  • 38JTJ-VBPFW-XFQDR-PJ794-8447M
  • 4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
  • 4G3GR-J6JDJ-D96PV-T9B9D-M8X2Q
  • 2V36J-4RK8B-GW27Q-4DXPG-RQP78

Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key for 2017 (32 & 64 Bits)


Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 2017 (32 & 64 Bits)

  • 237XB-GDJ7B-MV8MH-98QJM-24367
  • 74T2M-DKDBC-788W3-H689G-6P6GT

Windows 7 Starter Product Key for 2017 (32 & 64 Bits)

  • 2V3W2-JXTTR-28RD8-R228D-KR69C
  • 22P26-HD8YH-RD96C-28R8J-DCT28
  • 273P4-GQ8V6-97YYM-9YTHF-DC2VP

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key for 2017 (32 & 64 Bits)

  • 7YWX9-W3C2V-D46GW-P722P-9CP4D

You follow the same instruction as you can see in the give picture

Windows 7 Product Key

The author assumed that you will find the relevant keys of all windows 7 flavors.

If you are still not able to find the required keys then I hope you will follow the detail instruction that been given in this video. Please watch this video and follow the same directions.

If You Would like to set up Windows 7 on your computer, your computer has minimal requirements. This is minimum requirement , if you have good hardware specification then you enjoy the fast navigation of the windows and also help full in gaming on windows 7. The minimum requirements are following:

  •  CPU: 1GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Graphics card : 128MB
  • HDD : 16GB


The above mentioned keys are well-tested from the author of this post but we did not claim that these keys working in all environment. Please use the keys as per your own choice and risk. Thanks and enjoy these activation keys and if it working then put some comments , if it not working , please mentioned in comments with your email and location so that we send you in email as per your location.

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